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Day Trading tips for India Traders: 11 Dec 2008

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1. Analysis Indian share Market: Now large cap stocks will show action and Sensex will have difficulty climbing the 10000 mark, however it appears that it will touch 10000 mark as world stock markets are also on upswing.. Watch Sensex support at 9450 and Nifty support at 2860. Nifty has to move above the level of 3115 to keep moving ahead. Markets will move up by virtue of volatility reduction in the market. One should day trade with stop loss.

2. Future and Options Tip: As a future and option strategy one canh old Nifty futures with stop loss below 2860 with a target of 3000.

3. RBI action: One can see further rate cuts by RBI to infuse liquidity and one can even see Repo rate fall to 4.5% and CRR to 3.5% by mid-2009. This fiscal stimulus will help to add about 0.5% to the GDP growth in FY10.

4. Sectors to Watch

(a) Banks
(b) Oil&gas
(c) Capital goods.

5. Profit from Intraday share tips provided by analyst: SBI gave profit of Rs 2300, Cairn gave gains of Rs 950, NTPC gave returns of Rs 445, Tata steel gave profit of Rs 2600 and ABB gave gains of Rs 1680 for ever 100 shares traded as per the given recommendation.

6. National stock exchange strong future tips

Nagar Const
Jindal Steel
Ambuja Cement

7. Bombay stock exchange weak stocks reflected by weak Futures data

Jindal Saw
Great Offshore
Ansal Infra
Bhushan Steel

8. Result oriented hot stock tips producing 100% profit:

Buy GMR Infra>64.5,65.5,68 sl 62.5
Buy Gateway Distripak > 75.5,78,81 sl 73.8
Buy Gitanjali Gems > 72.1,73,75.6 sl 69.8
Buy NTPC > 170.1,171.35,174 sl 168.5
Buy Bank of India>250.5,252,253.1,256 sl 248.8
Buy Cairn > 150.5,152.4,153.6,157 sl 148.5

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