Tuesday, December 9, 2008

India Economy: Looking like our roads...POTHOLES ahead

(My Original Blog Post: http://www.onlineequitycalls.com/2008/12/india-economy-looking-like-our-roadspotholes-ahead/)

Lee's Dhaba

Some one said:
Do not expect people to understand something when their livelihood depends on not understanding it

The economy is in trouble; see the small list of news items below. Does the government not understand the gravity of this...hmmm...why did I ask?

SCI defers expansion

Renault Nissan defer India plans

DLF asks to De notify SEZ

Further Lay-offs expected

Welspun warns of job losses

Infosys, No fresh recruitment beyond already committed

Christmas is coming so here is the '12 days of Bailouts' ..


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