Monday, December 1, 2008

Unitech a good buy for long term: PN Vijay

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Investment Advisior, PN Vijay is of the view that Unitech could be a good buy for long term.

"There are enough clever people in the market now, who are looking at stocks like Unitech- they did that in 2001, I remember, and made huge profit. People going to a Unitech and say, okay I am going to buy 20 lakh of Unitech and not look at it for three years, it will be 100. Unitech is a fantastic brand name, very good property, lots and lots of trouble due to finance, may even get taken over etc but here is a nice piece of value sitting there, which has extreme potential and very bad times and ideal times for bargain hunters."

He further added, "JP Associates, its problems are too diversified and GVK Power is not in the same league as these two I feel. So, Unitech purely due to long-term bargain hunting could be a great buy."

Source : MoneyControl


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