Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Intraday Tips and Market Outlook for 4th Dec from IndianMoneyPlus.Com

(My Original Blog Post:
IndianMoneyplus.Com - US markets rallied.

Markets are expected to be rangebounded for some time.

Technically speaking I expect a break out to come.

Asia has opned positive. Expect Indian markets to open a positive note. Markets may not be able to sustain its positivity.

Nifty has a strong support at 2550 and a resistance for upmove at 2810 and 2950.

Day Trading Ideas.

IDBI Bank.

Buy above 57 for targets of 58.10 and 59.20

Sell below 55.25 for targets of 54.10 and 53.20

Orchid Chemicals

Buy above 82 for targest of 84 and 85.90

Sell below 80 for targets of 79 and 77.50


Buy above 26.50 for targets of 27.10 and 27.80

Sell below 25.80 for targets of 24.90 and 24.10


Buy above 37.90 for targets of 39.10 and 41.20

Sell below 34.90 for targets of 34 and 33.10

Happy Investing.

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