Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Investing in Infrastructure sector now makes sense from IndianMoneyPlus.Com

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Source- IndianMoneyplus.Com Real estate sector has tumbled in the same way in which Jill fell down in the well. But as inflation has now cooled it makes sense to buy some blue chip real-estate scrip’s. Home loan have sweetened leading to higher demand of new homes. This sector has a potential to turn the markets upside down as every new investment needs infrastructure and now low rate home loans will give a boost to many things directly and indirectly. The main sectors to benefit are firstly Infrastructure and later Banking.

Looking for a long term point of view one should pick up few beaten up stocks. I would go for Larsen & Tubro (LNT), Unitech , HDIL , SBI , ICICI Bank and Indiabulls Real estate.

Cooling home loans rate is the only reason why I am bullish on this sector for long term.
Happy Investing.

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