Thursday, December 4, 2008

Intraday Tips and Market Outlook for 5th Dec from IndianMoneyPlus.Com

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IndianMoneyplus.Com - US markets ended negative.

Asia is bond to open flat to negative.

Yesterday markets rallied seeing the rate cut in short term.

We may see a flat to negative opening in the Indian markets.

Levels to watch out for on Nifty is it has a support at 2650 and resistance for upmove at 2940.

Day Trading Ideas.


Buy above 94.50 for targets of 96.25 and 9.90

Sell below 90.40 for targets of 88.20 and 86.50


Buy above 30.10 for targets of 31.25 and 32.50

Sell below 29.25 for targets of 28.50 and 27.20


Buy above 1170 for targets of 1181 and 1190

Sell below 1160 for targets of 1152 and 1145

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