Monday, December 1, 2008

Free Intraday Tips for 02nd December 08

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GVKPIL ( Gvk Power & Infrastructure Limited )

Buy above Rs 16.6, stop Loss Rs16.2, tgt1 Rs17.5, and tgt2 Rs18.5
Sell below Rs15.5, Stop Loss Rs16.4, tgt1Rs15, tgt2 Rs14

JPASSOCIAT ( Jaiprakash Associates Ltd )

Buy above Rs 58, stop Loss Rs57.5, tgt1 Rs59, and tgt2 Rs62
Sell below Rs55.5, Stop Loss Rs57.8, tgt1Rs54.5, tgt2 Rs53

DABUR ( Dabur India Ltd )

Buy above Rs 85.5, stop Loss Rs84, tgt1 Rs86.8, and tgt2 Rs88.8
Sell below Rs83.3, Stop Loss Rs84.3, tgt1Rs82.3, tgt2 Rs80

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