Sunday, December 7, 2008

Intraday Tips and Market Outlook for 8th Dec from IndianMoneyPlus.Com

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IndianMoneyplus.Com - US markets had ended positive.

Asia has opened positive. 

Expect Indian markets to open a positive note. We can see a gap up opening of more than 200 points on Sensex.

Crude is at almost 4 years low so can this be a good news for few stocks ? Yes. 

Many stocks can benefit from this.

Levels on NIFTY are , support at 2650 and resistance for upmove at 2945 and 3150

Day Trading ideas.

Buy above 1145 for targets of 1152 and 1159

Sell below 1131 for targets of 1122 and 1113

Buy Above 362 for targets of 368 and 373

Sell Below 348 for targets of 342 and 339

Buy avove 898 for targets of 908 and 915

Sell below 871 for targets of 865 and 858

Buy above 1126 for targets of 1131 and 1136

Sell below 1110 for targets of 1106 and 1100

More ideas on IndianMoneyplus.Com 

Happy Investing!


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