Monday, December 15, 2008

George Bush

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President Bush has not endeared himself to the world during his Presidency...90% of his Presidency was post 9/11 and protecting America was his first goal and removing threats to America was his second goal.  In time we will know the success or failure of his administration.

9/11 was the first foreign attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor in 1941...looking through this lens gives you some perspective on George Bush's priorities.

From the perspective of India, after the disastrous Clinton years, George Bush has been a good emotions, no nonsense.  He recognized the reality of India, the incorrectness of Clinton's behaviour and policies and set about correcting the relationship.  India's needs and wants were given their rightful place; the historical significance of India's achievements in democracy and economic growth was recognized and responsibile behaviour with respect to nuclear proliferation was rewarded.  Today, the great democracies share a special and growing relationship...while it is a little like being in a cage with an elephant...George Bush has single handedly transformed this relationship.

While it is possible the USA is safer today what about the World?  I can only point again to the resources in manpower and finance that the USA is expending around the world to fight the war on terrorists.  India, the Middle-East and Asia have prioritized and executed short term tactics.  USA on the other hand usually has a very long term objective and uses short-term tactics and strategies in pursuance of the longer term goal.  I can only tell you that India and the Middle-East have not been successful in keeping our nations or neighborhood safe.  While I lament the loss of life in the Iraq war and perhaps even the loss of "International Law" no one will argue the case for restoring Saddam Hussein.  We are all glad to be rid of the long as we did not have to do the dirty work.

Is Iraq better off today?  I do not know, however, amongst the rubble and terrorist attacks I see Iraqis arguing and fighting about their future.  Surely that is a good sign...if the people get representation there is hope for the future.

A couple of days ago a newsman threw shoes at President Bush during a news conference in Baghdad...the agile President ducked but the newsman was pinned and jailed...there are demonstrations in Baghdad for the newsman's release and he is being hailed as a hero.  Would they prefer Saddam Hussein?  These people do not even appreciate the fact that they are now able to demonstrate, freely....amazing denial of reality.  If the shoe had been thrown at Saddam what would have happened to the newsman?

I have included the BBC link for the "shoe attack"  but watch the ending short interview clip with President Bush; he says "I don't know what his beef is"  referring to the newsman who threw the shoe.  This naivete is infuriating...if the shoe had hit his head I wonder if it would have jarred enough neurons to understand the source of all the anger.


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