Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hold Infosys Technologies: Mukadam

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Shahina Mukadam, Director of Varun Capital Markets is of the view that one should hold Infosys Technologies.

"In Infosys Technologies I think one should wait a bit, maybe Rs 1,000-950 level would be a good level to add onto the stock. It is best placed among the IT stocks as of now to tide over these difficult conditions that are there in the markets. For example, while earlier we were expecting just the BSFI segment to be impacted, which accounts for a major chunk of their turnover about 40%. But as of now there is an expectation that the other segments like manufacturing retail also could face some bit of a slowdown in terms of order uptakes for these companies. They have a lot of surplus cash flow so I think that should hold in good state. At the same time maybe or slightly lower level would be better for the investor to average out and then hold on for maybe till Rs 1,400 levels to look to book some profits."

Disclosure: Analyst doesn't have any personal holdings in the above stock.

Source : MoneyControl


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